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Automotive Megatrends V-log Part 1: New mobility, autonomy, and the automotive landscape

With the convergence of autonomous driving technologies and new mobility service business models entering the industry, these megatrends will have the biggest impact on what the automotive industry will look like in the future. 

Watch Jeremy Carlson, Principle Analyst for Automotive with IHS Markit, discuss automotive megatrends, the changing landscape of the automotive industry, and how suppliers and/or OEMs can best prepare for these changes. 

In this Video-log, Jeremy Carlson discusses:

  • How is "new mobility" shaping the industry?
  • How will autonomy evolve over time and what is the current view? 


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About The Author

Jeremy Carlson joined IHS in March of 2008 as a research analyst for current and future trends both in Italy and globally with a focus on safety and driver assistance technology. Carlson now leads the ADAS practice for IHS Automotive and his responsibilities include research, writing and analysis of active safety and driver assistance globally.

Carlson earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Italian Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2007 following a year's study at the Università di Bologna.