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Automotive Video Log | A look into Mexico's Vehicle Market: Challenges amidst change

Watch Guido Vildozo discuss the current vehicle outlook in Mexico and how to understand the challenges amidst the changes that are happening within the automotive industry for this country. 

Listen to Guido Vildozo provide an outlook on the automotive industry, the Mexican vehicle market and how to push forward through these changes. 

  • What are the current drivers that could impact the Mexican vehicle market as a result of the U.S. Administration? 
  • What is the outlook for the North American Vehicle Market? 
  • How are these changes and new regulations impacting the automotive industry as opposed to six months ago? 


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About The Author

Mr. Guido Vildozo manages the automotive light vehicle sales forecast for the Americas. He has more than 15 years of experience at IHS Automotive and its predecessor companies. His primary responsibility is to monitor industry trends and to develop the light vehicle sales forecast for the Americas market. To this end, he looks at the impact of product planning and strategy – as well as regional political and economic factors – on vehicle demand. Mr. Vildozo also specializes in manufacturers' product cycles, production capacity constraints, investments and import-export strategies. He frequently speaks at engagements that examine the current state of the automotive industry in the Americas and has been quoted in Bloomberg, Automotive News, Wards and the Financial Times, among others. He earned his bachelor degree in Economics and master's degree in International Economics from Suffolk University, Boston, Mass. and pursued further graduate studies in Marketing, Business and Finance at Bentley College, Waltham, Mass. Mr. Vildozo is fluent in English and Spanish and has working knowledge of Portuguese and French.​