Engine Wars: Exhaust Gas Recirculation v. Selective Catalytic Reduction

Everyone in the Commercial Vehicle Market is well aware of the 2010 emissions regulations that will take effect January 1, 2010. Thanks to one brave company we have a battle over which technology will be the best - Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) engines versus Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) engines is as classic a conflict as Road Runner versus Wylie Coyote or Rocky versus Apollo.

Navistar, with it's MaxxForce engines will be the sole maker of EGR in America, and they have waged a full-scale marketing campaign to tout their dominance, claiming "Simplicity vs. Complexity." They are following in the footsteps of MAN and Scania - two European engine manufacturers - that were making SCR engines and have since switched to the EGR solution. Navistar will need to use carbon credits  to make their MaxxForce engines compliant with the emissions standards though.

Every other engine maker (Cummins, DDC, Volvo, MB, Mack, etc.) will offer the SCR solution in 2010, claiming they actually meet the 2010 emissions regulations for Particulate Matter (PM)—0.01 g/bhp-hr, Nitrogen Oxide (NOx)—0.20 g/bhp-hr, and Non-Methane Hydrocarbons (NMHC)—0.14 g/bhp-hr. They also note that the urea solution will be seamless to maintain.

There is certainly a tough decision to be made between the two. One offers simplicity, while the other offers the most complete solution to the current emission standards. For your fleet going forward,  which solution (EGR or SCR) do you think you'll go with? If so, what makes you prefer one solution over the other?

Posted by Therran Oliphant, Account Representative, Commercial Vehicle Truck Group, Polk (10.13.2009)


Name: Rod Rimmer
Time: Tuesday, October 13, 2009

You have the European situation backwards: MAN and Scania were using EGR and are now moving to SCR for Euro V and VI.

Name: Therran Oliphant
Time: Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Thanks for commenting! I got this information from multiple Navistar sources, including this white paper on http://www.maxxforce.com/Content/pdf/emissions/didyouknow2.pdf and on an independent article from "Green Car Congress" at http://www.greencarcongress.com/2008/08/man-introduces.html In some instances, they are still offering the SCR solution but they have been promoting EGR, since the Hanover show, as their new engine. They have also recently come out with a diesel version of the EGR Scania Euro 4 and 5 models.

Name: Tom Welles
Time: Saturday, October 17, 2009

Simplicity, have you looked under a Navistar hood? The last brave company, Caterpiller. Only our government would allow a perverted systems that allows "credits". Of course the other brave, Cat, paid fines to the EPA. This is not a tough decision, MaxxForce will experience a premature death, due to increased internal temperature and eating its own waste.

Name: Dani
Time: Monday, October 19, 2009

Wow, this is a fascinating debate. It'll be interesting to see how the market responds and what happens to 2010-compliant sales and, ultimately, cost of operation and resale values. Wish I had a crystal ball.

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