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"Heels & Wheels" puts women in the driver’s seat

My business associate, Marc Bland, has provided insightful blogs on the female automotive market over the last several months. During the holiday break, I came across coverage of this topic that peaked my interest. I was intrigued by the first annual two day "2011 Heels & Wheels" event in beautiful Palm Springs, CA. It is a gathering of female automotive bloggers, engineers, journalists and other automotive professionals who get together to discuss subject matter and issues as they relate to them.

Their website quotes some pretty powerful statistics substantiating the power of the women’s market:

  • Women make 62% of new car purchases
  • Women make almost 80% of the purchase decision
  • American women have the purchasing power of over $5 trillion
  • Women make 65-80% of the service and maintenance decisions

The website focuses on real world testing specifically by women. Things of interest include driving challenges, parts and service, ease of entering and exiting a vehicle, cabin functionality, industry trends such as electric vehicles and hybrids, load capabilities from groceries and child seats to suitcases and golf clubs. Issues as important as safety and horsepower to whimsical topics such as creating a car mat that doesn’t scrape the back of your expensive high heels. If it is related to women... this is the event to bring up your own real life research and experiences and find out some great information about all kinds of topics. Women have more to say when it comes to the design of future vehicles and organizations like these will probably grow in popularity.

Go to for recent "MotherProof Reviews" rating vehicles from a mother's point of view. Don't think that all mom's are sporting minivans and SUVs. You would be surprised at how stylish some of the selections are. The blog entries offer the latest news and rants for busy moms.

"Heels for Wheels" was rated a success and allows OEMs a chance to get a pulse on hot issues as it pertains to women and their vehicles or the dealership experience. As of today, the 2012 event date has not yet been published.

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Posted by Tina Fogoros, Account Representative, Polk (01.26.2012)

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