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Outlook and implications for vehicle production – Finding the balance between performance and compliance, Vlog part 3

Watch Devin Lindsay, Principal Analyst, with IHS Markit discuss vehicle production as it relates to performance, compliance and alternative fuel types in the third part of this three part video log series.

Look for parts one and two under the 'Topics' tab in the upper right hand corner of this page, then click on 'Automotive Videos'.

In this video-log Devin Lindsay will review questions on:

  • Insights on vehicle powertrain research
  • Fuel prices and the proliferation of alternative fuel technologies
  • California ZEV mandate and the New US Administration

Watch the video below:


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About The Author

Mr. Devin Lindsay serves as a Principal Analyst at IHS Automotive, where he is responsible for Alternative Propulsion forecasting and market analysis.

His expertise includes the future impact of the California Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) mandate on vehicle powertrains, as well as consumer acceptance across various demographics. Previously, his research and analysis included engine and transmission forecasting for North America with emphasis on both Japanese vehicle manufacturers and Ford Motor Company. Prior to joining IHS Automotive, Mr. Lindsay performed automotive research and commentary on vehicle specifications, pricing and data for OEM vehicle comparison. Mr. Lindsay holds a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from the University of Detroit Mercy in Detroit, Mich., US.